The 10,000 Olive Trees

The starting point is the town centre.
The warm Mediterranean air enters your lungs, making your heart beat faster. The course passes through the town’s main road, everything is shrouded in white, you are surrounded by windows, balconies and bars, while people cheering you on already wait for your return to begin the celebrations!! Once you’ve left the town, you dive into a sea of olive trees, bent into incredible shapes by the wind and bathed in beautiful light of many different colours.
Your route winds through the huge olive grove bordered by dry-stone walls.
You head towards the sea. You feel it. You see it. It’s in every single working muscle of your body. The circuit takes you to every corner of the bay, along the well-paved old shepherds’ tracks. The landscape has gentle variations in height which will bring out your best performance, if you’ve got what it takes!!
The return leg runs through the other half of the main road. A loud roar comes from Mattinata!
Gargano is waiting to reward you!!